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the oak trees of blenhheim palace, which have stood for over three centuries, photographed by simon norfolk.

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The sun crawls over the horizon by Jan Kooreman


The sun crawls over the horizon by Jan Kooreman

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Leigh M. McCloskey | Summer Solstice vs Winter Solstice

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The Interiors of Wes Anderson’ in the latest issue of Apartamento #13

“You could compare Wes Anderson to an interior decorator,”says  Apartamento’s Editor-in-Chief Marco Velardi of today’s enchanting series, taken from the bi-annual title’s latest issue. With the director and screenwriter’s private house strictly off limits, the magazine traces the meticulously considered art of set design in his filmography: miniature brownstone apartments, nostalgic color schemes and embroidered and elaborate costumes. “I always say that a picture of someone’s home tells you a lot more about that person than any portrait possibly can,” muses Nacho Alegre, director and co-founder of Apartamento. “I imagine in a movie the time you have to describe a character is limited, so using the interiors to do so probably becomes something of a necessity.” An intricate visual language has become Anderson’s trademark; in his hands, set design becomes both a storytelling device and character trope, from his shot-on-a-shoestring debut, Bottle Rocket, to his latest saccharine fantasia, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Velardi adds: “Ultimately, if you look at his work there are a lot of interiors, with very peculiar and very precise work on the spaces and what people wear; Wes is passionate about every single detail, and that’s why it’s fascinating for us.”  

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Olivia Erlanger - Material Studies II: A House Falls Apart (2014)

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…Near the village of Braachaat, outside Antwerp, Belgium. The last photo shows a grotto-like cave under the mansion that may have been used as a bar in the past.

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